Posted on Aug 21, 2018

Memphis Clean Windows

Keep Your Windows Sparkling

Aug 21, 2018 – Dec 31, 2018
The window in the home is an important installation in the home and as such should be kept clean and properly maintained in all weathers. To ensure that the windows are kept clean, irrespective of whether or not you’ve hired the services of a company specialized in window cleaning services in Memphis, TN here are some things to consider. The window shades contribute to the accumulation of dirt on the window and should also be cleaned out by washing or dusting off depending on the severity of the dust accumulation. The recommended method to clean out the window shade is by using a duster or the dusting brush on your vacuum. In the event the window shade requires washing, (when stained or spotted), you should remove the shade, place it on a worktable and wash it out using a mild cleaning agent. To prevent recurrent window washing, be sure to clean the blinds after washing the windows as this serves to prevent he dusts from piling up too quickly on the window. Or leave the cleaning to the professionals at Memphis Clean Windows!