Posted on Aug 21, 2018

Memphis Clean Windows

When cleaning your window, it is important to avoid the use of harmful chemicals which can
harm the glass or the sealant which is used to protect it in the case of multiple glasses. In
cleaning your window, it is recommended that you consider using dish liquid in your vinegar and
water homemade window cleaner.
For homeowners whose window is covered in dust or dirt, window cleaning in Memphis, TN
should be kicked off by using a soft bristle brush or sponge mop dipped in the cleaning solution
to remove dirt from the window glass. Ensure that you rinse off the window thoroughly before
the solution dries up.
It is best to put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle to aid ease of application to the windows. You can also choose to leave it to the professionals at Memphis Clean Windows, we will be sure to leave your windows sparkling!
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